Our Technology

All of our technology was designed and developed in-house, from the ground up, with the specific objective of being efficient, highly scalable, flexible, and easily managed. GBET has invested more than 350 person years in developing its systems. Our wagering technology continues to be significantly enhanced and has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to expand easily with innovative and diverse functionality in response to our partner’s needs.

Highest Global Standards

GBET’s technology has been licensed, audited, and approved by the New York State Gaming Commission, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gaming Commission. It has also been verified to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. GBET platforms can interact with all known totalizator systems and easily communicate in real-time with 3rd party vendors as required.

Customizable UI Design

Gaming organizations require constantly evolving platforms to serve their client’s needs, and GBET’s customer facing platforms are highly customizable, offering personalized wagering environments for all device types. UI features, navigation, and displays may modified via user-friendly controls, tested and perfected under actual field conditions.

Advanced Business Tools

Business teams will enjoy extremely powerful and flexible player segmentation function through our innovative Punter Segment Ingredient approach, supported by a rich suite of configurable business tools, alerts, and analytics. CRM and marketing teams have the capability of monitoring and modifying marketing, promotional, and gaming content in real-time through GBET-developed portals.

Business to Business Provider

GBET is a pure technology provider, does not operate any “retail” businesses, and does not engage in customer acquisition or ownership. Therefore, we do not compete in any way with our gaming partners, instead focusing our efforts on providing optimal operating efficiency and reduced cost of ownership.

Complete Gaming Support

GBET’s resilient technology offers the ability to support any combination of ADW, exchange, and ancillary gaming opportunities (sports wagering, DFS, in play/prop wagering, etc.). Designed from inception as a unified gaming platform, it was intended above all else to offer unparalleled functional flexibility coupled with rapid speed to market capability.

Superior Transactional Capacity

We have processed over 6.5 billion exchange bet orders annually. On average 18 million exchange bet orders were handled every day, with a maximum daily number of 26 million. Our systems demonstrated the ability to handle over 14,000 exchange bet orders per second.